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It's never been easier to enjoy a stack of delicious CRUMPCAKES. Just add water to the bottle, shake, and pour for ​that Flat like a pancake with crater like holes of a crumpet – you know “the best bits”  light, fluffy, and fresh CRUMPCAKES with no artificial colours or flavors.


CRUMPCAKES are also super quick, becuase there is no need to FLIP!


For an extra touch of fancy CRUMPCAKES, stack 'em up with a knob of butter, drench them in syrup, plate them up with fresh berries and nutella. With CRUMPCAKES crumpcake Mix, making mouthwatering CRUMPCAKES is now easy as......


  • SUPER QUICK AND EASY: Quick and easy breakfast or dessert ; just add water and pour onto pan.
  • CLEAN & SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Crumpcake mix contains no artificial colours or flavors.
  • ENDLESS OPTIONS: Easy to personalize with fruits, nuts, syrups or chocolate.
  • BOX CONTAINS: 3 bottles.

3 Pack - CRUMPCAKES - Flip Free 'Just add Water'